Overcome the challenges set before you and see the projects you start through to the end



Program Locations

Overcome the challenges set before you and see the projects you start through to the end



Program Locations

Overcome the challenges set before you and see the projects you start through to the end



Program Locations

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More about Teen Summer Community Service Programs with VISIONS

Since 1989 VISIONS has set the standard for teen volunteer summer travel programs. Our high school programs, as well as middle school travel programs, offer the best community service experiences available to teens and pre-teens. Cultural immersion, Spanish and French language immersion, travel adventures and summer exploration are woven into all of VISIONS community service programs. Among teen summer camps, teen travel abroad, youth summer service programs and international adventures for high school students, VISIONS has ranked among the best quality and integrity for more than 27 years.

VISIONS teens live in the heart of a host community, rooted in a very new, and meaningful cross-cultural experience that surpass the superficial. Our hosts for youth summer programs throughout South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and the United States welcome our teen volunteers, sharing their lives and views of life. High school volunteers, as well as younger students in our middle school travel programs, learn about, do and see things never before imagined. Lasting friendships form spontaneously with other teens (and pre-teens), local hosts and summer leaders. 

Days of real community service and close camaraderie in a cross-cultural setting have a substance that pushes our student volunteers to tap into their leadership potential as the group works together toward common goals. VISIONS teenagers experience organic cultural immersion, foreign language (Spanish and French) opportunities, and adventurous travel and exploration, returning home with genuine appreciation for our multi-cultural world and confidence as global citizens.

Everything in VISIONS youth summer programs, the degree of our success, depends on teamwork. We are interdependent, alternately supporting and leaning on each other. We live together simply, work together, explore and play together, and enjoy our shared experience. Your time with VISIONS will entail much more than just a teen summer travel experience—you will be immersed in a new culture and living and working alongside our local friends.

VISIONS was established in 1988 as a kind of Peace Corps service opportunity for teens. Our mission has not changed but has grown and flourished through decades of experience, earning VISIONS a reputation of highest quality summer programs in the field. We work hard to meet service goals planned with host communities in response to needs that they identify. While construction projects are keystones of each site, every service program location incorporates non-construction service, too. Exploration and summer travel are woven into the experience as the days progress.

Students spend five days per week engaging in community service. Our partners are local and national governments, nonprofits, outreach and charitable organizations, schools, and community-minded individuals. In some teen summer program locations, our partners plan service projects in stages, several progressive seasons ahead, confident in VISIONS high standards and our teens' leadership capabilities.

Of equal if not greater value is the authentic cross-cultural experience: the close relationships with individuals in the communities in which we live and work.

Summer program planning occurs during the off-season. Often we know the next season’s projects before the current summer season ends. Most volunteer projects are developed during winter months through regular communication with our partners in the field and personal visits to the sites before the summer.

Every VISIONS program undertakes a ground-up construction project. Students learn technical skills from staff carpenters and local project managers. Our teens break into small teams on a daily basis in order to work at the service projects.

VISIONS incorporates sustainable development and environmental projects by building greenhouses, irrigation canals, cisterns, potable water systems and compost latrines, low-impact walkways through protected lands, and fish and endangered species hatcheries.

Each of our youth summer programs includes non-construction service work, too, such as internships with micro-businesses, farmers, artisans, health workers, and others. We create and paint murals for community buildings. VISIONS teens volunteer with children in day camps and tutoring activities, and assist with the elderly, orphaned or disabled.

Cross-cultural learning is a core focus. Our high school students, and middle school students, share work sites, meals, recreation and down time with folks who have become close friends over the course of many summers.

Programs also have the methods and opportunities for a variety of dialogues with native speakers. Spanish and French programs offer constant language immersion that increases foreign language speaking skills and builds upon the cultural experience. Your summer leaders help build bridges by interpreting, clarifying, practicing with language games, and incorporating language immersion opportunities.

In VISIONS there is always time to play and wind down, and plenty of adventure camp-like activities. Teen travel adventures abroad and teen summer exploration are not lost on a VISIONS international or U.S. community service program. VISIONS summer programs offer a splendid variety of afternoon and weekend travel adventures, and explorations of scenery, geography, wildlife and history.

Depending on the location, recreation activities include rock or ice climbing, wilderness backpacking and hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, rainforest zip-lining, rafting, horseback riding, whale watching, underground cave exploration and always sightseeing.

VISIONS is not a typical teen adventure camp, teen tour, travel adventures abroad program, or summer camp. It is a wholly experiential learning experience with a purpose in a real life setting of continuous discovery and constant rewards.

VISIONS Service Adventures offers youth summer programs for high school students 14 to 18, and middle school travel programs for students aged 12 to 14. VISIONS blends ambitious community service, culture and language immersion, exploration and adventure in:

If you are a high school student or middle school student seeking a rewarding, life changing summer of community service, culture immersion, and adventurous exploration, consider VISIONS. Speak to our references. They will confirm that VISIONS offers the best, highest quality community service, cross-cultural summer program for youth.