Custom Programs

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

In addition to summer programs, VISIONS runs high quality, customized volunteer travel programs for schools, clubs and other groups of people who want to travel with the spirit of community service, cultural immersion and adventure. Custom programs are open to all ages and are available on a year-round basis.

We Invite You... plan a customized adult or youth volunteer travel experience with VISIONS. You are assured the highest quality program, and your experience will be intimate, dynamic, and, we assure you, memorable.


We collaborate closely with you to create a program that meets your group’s goals and ensures a rewarding experience for all. Custom programs incorporate the framework that has been the core of VISIONS youth summer camps since our founding in 1989.

Your group will live in a community where VISIONS has solid, trusting partnerships. You will be welcomed like family and will engage with local people at the worksites and social events.

As the world’s local communities become increasingly interdependent, the need for understanding across cultures increases. VISIONS custom programs provide the opportunity to gain the confidence and capacity necessary to build the relationships that will strengthen your local and our global communities.

Programs are based on our fundamental belief about learning:

  • Knowledge is acquired not only through academic disciplines, but also through social relations, through experience. In this realm of aesthetic knowledge, interpretation is not the thing. Experience is the thing. More than mental agility and the capacity to absorb information, consciousness flourishes through engagement in the world.


  • Minimum duration is seven days and availability is year-round
  • All ages are welcome and choose from any of our summer camp locations
  • A typical week is five volunteer days and two excursion days
  • Afternoons after work include cultural activities and outings
  • All aspects are included: projects, leaders, lodging, meals, transportation, excursions, administrative support, VISIONS insurance
  • Group flights are organized upon request
  • Leaders are people who also work with our teen summer programs
  • Your group receives online accounts with program-specific information
  • Teachers are welcome
  • We customize to meet your group’s goals, keeping in mind the successful framework of the VISIONS Experience.
  • Objectives

    • Enhance knowledge of the history and culture of the program location
    • Increase the skill of communicating cross-culturally
    • Increase self-confidence as engaged members of a community and as agents of change
    • Cultivate a positive attitude towards interacting across cultures
    • In this process of engagement and sharing, also accomplish lasting and worthwhile projects that otherwise may not be feasible for our host communities.


Our staff loves to assist! We are happy to answer questions and discuss the program locations with you.