Middle School

The middle school years are an exciting time of tremendous growth, and VISIONS middle school program on the Montana Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation is a great way to cultivate that growth in positive ways. An exciting alternative to the sleep-away summer camp experience, this is a summer travel program that has the potential to expand horizons and encourage the development of globally conscious and empowered tweens and teens.

  • VISIONS participants enjoy local food at their homebase
  • Participants in VISIONS middle school passage program take a summer camp trip in Montana
  • Students who participate in a VISIONS summer program learn real work skills as they complete service projects for the local community
  • We take time out for fun, adventure and team building
  • VISIONS middle school camp participants come from all over the country
  • VISIONS partners in the local communities choose which projects middle school students will work on each year.
  • VISIONS students visit local markets to buy supplies for their daily meal
  • VISIONS middle school students take time to learn about local history and culture of the Blackfeet tribe.
  • VISIONS participants gather together at a work site where they performed service work in Montana


Based on a work hard/play hard philosophy, VISIONS travel camp Passage Program features age appropriate community service projects, cultural immersion, and outdoor adventures. It’s perfect for that middle schooler looking for something a bit more offbeat than summer camp and the one who strives to make a difference.

The Experience

Our youth summer program location is based in a community that VISIONS has worked with for more than two decades. The deep-rooted relationships mean that VISIONS pre-teen and teen volunteers are welcomed with open arms and are able to experience these cultures in a different way than most tourists.

The Community

Like all VISIONS programs, the Passage Programs maintain a 1 to 4 leader to student ratio, and most kids come on their own. This leads to a family-like group dynamic that includes leaders who are mentors, welcoming community members, and a peer group that shares the excitement of this new summer travel camp experience.